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For Firstsource Solutions, a BPO with operations spanning multiple time zones, revenue, productivity, and customer satisfaction depended directly on the application performance as experienced by the customer service agent. Application blackouts or even brownouts were not an option in the 24/7/365 always on environment of a back office as that would trigger customer discontent.

In order to deliver enterprise applications with guaranteed performance at the end-user level Anunta built a solution architecture using Server Based Computing (SBC) also know as Hosted Shared Desktop (HSD) technology. Instead of individual PCs, agents migrated to thin clients while Hosted Shared Desktops actually ran the applications on the server. Thanks to Anunta’s proprietary service delivery model (ADaaS®):

  • Firstsource could resolve 74% faults/incidents proactively before end-users were affected
  • Application availability was consistently at 99.5%
  • Application delivery costs per hour plunged by 30%
  • Profit margins improved by 100+ basis points

SBC/HSD Benefits

If you have a set of users who need reliable and constant access to a limited number of light business applications, using a normal PC environment is a waste of time and resources, especially if personalization requirements are low to non-existent.

If you want to maintain reliability and end-user satisfaction while keeping application delivery costs to a minimum your best bet would be implementing desktop virtualization through Server Based Computing.

This technology uses Hosted Shared Desktops on the server side which connects to multiple thin clients in the front-end enabling a large number of users to concurrently access the same desktop.

SBC/HSD Deployments:

  • Deliver high ROI because a large number of users can be supported by a single Hosted Shared Desktop.
  • Have been around longer and the technology is relatively well understood and mature.
  • Can be scaled up cost effectively based on business needs.

How Anunta Delivers SBC/HSD

Anunta delivers SBC using ADaaS®:

ADaaS®: Custom built infrastructure for high performance

ADaaS® is a complete solution for end to end implementation and management of virtualized EUC environments using our proprietary state of the art management platform to guarantee improved application availability with lower IT management costs.

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Our OEM agnostic expertise in virtualization technologies means that you are not limited to a particular set of options while building your SBC solution.

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