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Running complex applications in an enterprise environment is a massive logistical challenge for IT departments.

Too many versions of too many applications have to be supported on too many devices by administrators. As budgets keep on getting slashed and concerns around compliance and security increase employees get the short end of the stick because of extensive integration and regression testing, time consuming application roll outs and application downtime because of a gamut of support issues.

For a specific set of use cases application virtualization can be the way out. With application virtualization you can:

  • Stream individual applications from the backend to endpoints without any application-to-application or application-to-OS conflicts.
  • Simplify patch management and instantly roll out updated versions of the application to your end-users.
  • Run multiple complex applications without worrying about DLL Hell or conflict management at each individual endpoint.
  • Drastically slash support and hardware costs and the time taken to troubleshoot tickets.
  • Achieve BYOD outcomes by allowing users access to applications from any device.
  • Improve security and compliance by delivering applications and settings isolated from the underlying OS at the endpoints.

How Anunta delivers Application Virtualization

Anunta delivers Application Virtualization using ADaaS®:

ADaaS®: Custom built infrastructure for high performance

ADaaS® is a complete solution for end to end implementation and management of virtualized EUC environments using our proprietary state of the art management platform to guarantee improved application availability with lower IT management costs.

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Anunta’s expertise and experience in working with all the different technologies in application virtualization including Citrix XenApp, VMware ThinApp, and Microsoft App-V gives you multiple advantages which no system integrator can offer.

Choice of technology

We help you select the appropriate technology for your specific needs.

End to end service delivery

From setting up application servers in the backend to managing storage and navigating complex licensing requirements we will design, install, integrate, configure, manage, and maintain a high performing application virtualization infrastructure.

Flexible service delivery models

Anunta has a flexible delivery model which enables you to pick the model you need for your specific requirements, whether it is just helping you choose the technology or manage the environment end to end.


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