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For IT leaders, migrating from physical desktops to virtualized environments involves a series of decisions. The most important being technology decisions and whether to custom build and design in a private cloud or subscribe to a public cloud based DaaS offering. Not easy when most enterprise teams have inadequate awareness of full IT environment, siloed IT organisations and inadequate skills to manage the change.

To address the constraints and meet business needs of enterprises, Anunta delivers desktop virtualization solutions through its proprietary delivery model – Application Delivery as a Service (ADaaS®)

Anunta’s ADaaS delivers successful projects that satisfy end-users

Anunta’s delivery models convert a failed Proof of Concept (PoC) to a successful project delivering more power to power users.

Anunta engaged with a large Indian insurance company that faced the challenge of failed PoC of VDI as integration with their existing business infrastructure ran into teething troubles. We re-designed and implemented a successful VDI environment that resulted in implementation of over 4000 VDI/HSD users.

An analytics company with 200 power users just could not get measurable gains from desktop virtualization. We engaged with the company to help scale the investment in desktop virtualization resulting in 800 satisfied end-users that utilize heavily customized resource hungry applications.

In the case of an India based technology shared services arm of a global insurer, the mandate to adopt desktop virtualization had hit roadblocks because of several unsuccessful POCs with different providers. Anunta delivered a successful PoC and helped the client scale up to 3000 VDI/HSD users.

ADaaS®: Custom built infrastructure for high performance

ADaaS® is a complete solution for end to end implementation and management of virtualized EUC environments using our proprietary state of the art management platform to guarantee improved application availability with lower IT management costs.

  • Design

    User profiling

    Integration planning

    Modular design with seamless scalability

  • Implementation

    Build & integrate VDI infrastructure

    Ensuring Interoperability with various client peripherals

  • Migration

    Seamless transition to virtual infrastructure environment with zero business interruption

  • Remote Infrastructure Management

    End to end management on Anunta’s state of the art performance management platform – EuVantage®

What you get with ADaaS

  • Server to screen service

    Design-build-migrate-manage model of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure on private/public cloud


    Guarantees on application performance and uptime at the end-user level


    Completely customized


    Management across server, virtualization layer, hypervisor, network, desktop and applications


    Large Enterprises >1000 users


    Data lives on infrastructure controlled by you


    Infrastructure is designed and configured as per individual business needs and is completely scalable and flexible

  • TCO

    Involves one-time capital investment
    Pay-per-use pricing


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